Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Colonial 2

This lot isn't new so to speak.. It's a revamp of my very first Sims 4 house. I was going through my work, and was looking through what I have done since the game came out, and I came across this lot. It was a good lot, but I felt now with more to offer it could be better. I did make some slight changes to it on the inside. I made some adjustments to the downstairs walls, added one or two, and rearranged the placement of the rooms. The 2nd story is still in tact to the original aside from some paint and furniture changes. On the outside I completely changed the exterior paint, added a garden and some different flowers to the outside of the lot. I hope you like this version as much as the original.

Fully furnished
Requires All Expansion and Stuff Packs

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