Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pomeranian Hybrid Remodel

Today I bring to you a remodel for the Riverview Summer Makeover Contest on the Sims 3 Forums hosted by: loobylou198 and TnT_Terry. Basically we have to remodel one of the pre-made lots in Riverview and per the starter home basic living requirements you have to keep things in price perspective per the number of sims living in the home and the number of bedrooms. You can not alter the exterior appearance aside from if you add a bedroom to make the house slightly bigger. The interior walls are fair game. You could completely hollow it out and do as you please, but to save money I made minor alterations to the interior a lot of CAS to help keep things cheap. This is what I did for the contest. The max I could spend on this lot was 44,000 with any altercations that I made. Well I did it., and under budget too. The lot costs §43,756, and sits on a 40 x 30 lot on 1040 Dogwood Lane.

Requires Sims 3 - Sims 3 Into the Future
Base Game items used only per the rules
No Store or CC per the rules

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