Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sharing Some University Pictures

I did some playing today. I absolutely love it!! It is way better than Sims 2 University!! This has to be one of my favorite Expansions.  

Here are some pictures that I have taken in game. My sims are Tom Edwards and Heather Eurisim. They are childhood friends that have went off to Uni together. Heather on the other hand has some feelings for Tom, and would like to pursue a relationship with him. Here is the beginning of their journey together in college.

Here is their dorm room. It is funky and has a touch of manliness and girliness all rolled into one.

Here they are at the Meet and Greet at college. They were both in the process of getting freebies when Tom out of the blew planted one on Heather.  The first time she wasn't to thrilled with him because it was her first kiss, and she wanted it to be more personal, and well he did it for all the world to see. The next trip around was more successful.

  On there first date.

Heather is an art major rebel, and because of there strong friendship. She asked for Tom to pose in the nude so she could sketch him.

Here is the results of this sketch...

The two being daring and strutting their stuff whilst streaking.  

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