Sunday, March 10, 2013

A New Year A Fresh Start

As the semester drew to a close it was quite obvious that Heather's schooling was toning her abilities of mastering the arts. As she attempted another sketch of Tom it was an major improvement from the last sketch she did of him. 

 The new semester finally started and some major changes were in order. Heather decided to focus more on her studies, and not so much of painting the town. She was short 36 credits of graduation, and really needs to crack down and open those books. She also grew out her hair and got rid of the purple highlights. She really wanted to be taken seriously as a student and about her future.

After a long first week back at school Heather and Tom greeted each other after class, and decided to enjoy the fresh snow that had laid the night before.

Never have skated before the two took to the pond. They cherished this memory together. After a little bit on the ice the two got the gist of it and were doing spins, twists, and jumps across the ice covered pond.

After about an hour on the ice the two decided to build a snowman together.

When returning from their lovely night outdoors, the two were surprised to see that their roommates had decorated for Christmas. To there surprise they were standing under a mistletoe and got to share a magical kiss.

The following night Tom decided to host another party. He was a little nervous as the last one was a total bomb because it was broken up by the police. This time around it was a total success and they made a few friends in the process.

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