Monday, October 15, 2012

4 Autumn Place and Family

Here is a fall themed home and family.

Requires Sims 3 - Outdoor Living and is CC Free

The Lot

 The Family

Here is the Carmine Family. All of there names have something to do with the color red, and since red is a major color in the season of Autumn I thought it suited them all well.

Rusty Carmine - Father

Traits - Adventurous, Ambitious, Animal Lover, Born Salesman, Family Oriented

LTW - Private Museum

Favorites - Steak, Country, Spiced Brown

Astrology Sign - Pisces

Scarlet Carmine - Mother

Traits - Animal Lover, Artistic, Charismatic, Family Oriented, Handy

LTW - Star News Anchor

Favorites - Spaghetti, Indie, Red,

Astrology Sign - Libra


Rose Carmine - Daughter 

Traits - Adventurous, Animal Lover, Friendly

Favorites - French Toast, Pop, Red

Astrology Sign - Aquarius


Ruby Carmine - Daughter

Traits - Artistic, Animal Lover, Friendly

Favorites - PBJ, Country, Red

Astrology Sign - Aquarius

Copper - Dog

Traits - Friendly, Neat, Playful

The Lot

 The Family

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